Author: Harrison Bennett

Hi! I am a content writer who loves writing simplified articles on technology. My father used to misplace his remotes all the time, and the search for the missing remote always ended up with her missing her favorite show. That’s when a friend introduced me to the remote apps, and I sort of got obsessed with the whole idea. I wanted to share all my research and knowledge on various remotes and remote apps in a space, and that’s where my blog ( comes in. My articles on different kinds of remotes, alternative remote options, installing remote apps, various tricks, techniques, and troubleshooting fixes will be a friendly guide. I hope you find them helpful and easy to follow. Enjoy your TV experience!

Key Notes Use iPhone as Apple TV Remote: Connect Apple TV and iPhone to the same WIFI network → Open Control Center → Click Remote icon → Use the Apple TV Remote app Once upon a time, there was a dedicated Apple TV Remote app on the App Store. But the app was removed in October 2020 and is integrated within the iOS app. Consequently, Apple users can use their iPhone as an Apple TV remote with a single click. Apple added the feature on the device, and you can use it to perform the remote functions like your original…

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